How to install and download webroot antivirus ?

Download Webroot Setup File

After fulfilling the system requirements, the next step is to download the Webroot setup file on your device. In order to download, you first have to purchase the Webroot subscription from its official website. For purchasing and downloading, the following is the process given. 
  • First and foremost, you have to open a web browser on your system. 
  • Then, type “” in the address bar to reach the official website. 
  • Now, from the upper-right corner of the screen, choose amongst “For Home” and “For Business” as per your preference. 
  • When you click any of these options, a drop-down menu will open. All the Webroot products will be listed there. 
  • Select your preferred Webroot product to install on your device. 
  • This will redirect you to the product page where you will get all the details and features of the product. Check all the features and offerings before you purchase the product. 
  • Further, select the number of devices and years for purchasing your Webroot product. 
  • Now, click the “Add To Cart” button to move further with the process. 
  • In the next window, you can perform the following functions. 
    • Review Your Shopping Cart: You will get your shopping cart on the right-hand corner of the screen. Review your cart carefully and make the desired changes. 
    • Add Billing Details: you have to enter your personal and billing details in the required fields. You have to provide details like name, address, etc. 
In case you want to purchase the product for your business, then, tick mark the checkbox beside “Click here if you are a business” option. Then, enter all the details they ask for.  
    • Shipping Address: Tick mark the checkbox located at the bottom of the billing address box, if your billing and shopping addresses are the same.  
In case both the addresses are different, then provide the details of the shipping address in the required fields.
      • Enter Payment Details: Also, select your payment method from the available options. 
  • After performing all these functions, click the “Buy Now” tab. 
  • This will successfully complete your purchase. 
  • Now, Webroot will send you a confirmation mail that will consist of a download link and product key code. 
  • Further, open your confirmation mail and tap the link provided in the mail to start the download process. 
  • By doing so, the download process will begin. This process might take a few minutes, hence wait until the process gets completed successfully. 

Webroot Installation

The next step of the setup process is to install the application on your device. For the successful installation of, you have to follow the process mentioned below. Make sure you follow each step carefully for experiencing, error-free installation. 


  • Firstly, locate your downloaded setup file on your system. You will get this file in the Downloads folder or in the location where you have saved the file. 
  • Now, double-click the downloaded setup file in order to open the application. 
  • If prompted by the Security Warning pop-up box, then click the “Run” button. This will allow the application to run on your device. 
  • Now, if the User Account Control prompt will display on your screen, then, you have to permit the application to make the desired changes. For this, tap the “Yes” button. 
  • In the next window, you have to enter your Webroot product key code in the empty field. 
  • Also, you also change the Webroot settings in this window. For this, click the “Installation Options” tab. You will get this option at the bottom of the screen. 
After clicking this option, you can make the desired changes in the settings and click the back arrow to come back to the installation wizard.
  • Further, tap the “Agree and Install” button.  
  • By doing this, the installation process will begin. Wait for the successful completion of the process. 


  • For the installation process, you first have to open your Downloads folder. In case you have changed your installation location, then you have to click that particular folder. 
  • Now, double-click the setup file.
  • After this, you have to drag the Webroot setup icon into the application folder. 
  • Then, open the Application Folder. You will find your Webroot icon there. Double-click the webroot icon to move further. 
  • In the middle of the process, you might get a popup box asking you to open the setup file. Click the “Open” tab to continue with the process. 
    1. Further, you have to select the preferred language for the installation wizard. For this, you have to click the inverted triangle of the language box. Then, select the desired language from the drop-down menu. 
  • After this, click the “Next” button. 
  • In the next window, carefully enter your “Product Keycode” in the required field. 
You can locate this keycode either in the confirmation mail that you have received at the time of purchase or at the back of the product box that you have purchased from a third party. 
  • In the same window, you can click the “View the Webroot Software License Agreement” link from the bottom of the screen. This will open the license agreement. Carefully read the agreement and press the “Back” tab to continue with the installation process. 
  • Now, click the “Activate” tab
  • If a popup box appears asking you to confirm the installation process, then enter your Mac administrator credentials. After entering, click the “Ok” button
  • This will begin the installation process. This process might take a few minutes, hence wait patiently. 


  • First of all, access the Google Play Store or the App Store on your device, as per your operating system. 
  • Then, search for the Webroot product by typing its name in the search bar. From the search result list, choose your desired Webroot product.
  • After that, tap the “Install” or ”Get” option, depending on the operating system you are using. 
  • This will start the Webroot application on your device. Wait for the successful completion of the download process. 
  • If you are an iOS user, then you will be prompted to enter your iOS username and password. Carefully enter the details and click the “Ok” button.   
  • Once the process gets completed, open the application by double-clicking the Webroot icon. You will get this icon in the apps menu.
  • In the next window, read the Webroot terms and conditions carefully by clicking the relevant link. 
  • Then, tap the  “Agree and Launch”/ “Continue”  button.
  • Now, Webroot will ask you to permit the application to access various folders. This is required for the better functioning of the application. For this, click the “Allow” button.
  • Thereafter, the activation window will appear. Here, you can enter your activation code and click the “Activate” option. But in case you don’t have that, then click the “Skip” button.
  • This will successfully install the application on your mobile device.


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